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Real Estate

Real Estate is a perfect investment for longterm evaluation of personal and business finances. On the market of real estate we offer our services more than 20 years. The team consists of experts on construction, operation and sale of real estate. We focus on various investment opportunities in Czech republic with specialization on real estate with high profit and mitigation of financial risks.

Main goals of the company:

  • Development
  • Real estate business
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Investments

Members of the group

RN Development s.r.o.

RN Development s.r.o. is a part of the investment group RN Solutions a.s. and it is concerned with evaluation of investment opportunities, preparation of investment plans and building realization. The company focuses on project realization with value-added for the investors, as well as high utility value for future occupants. Each project is a new challenge for the company and it is handled individually.

The RN Solutions a.s. investment group has purchased investment fund shares of Nemomax investment fund with variable authorised capital, a.s. in the value of ?358 million CZK? Nemomax fund invests in the purchase of corporate enterprises, mainly in the real estate market, where above-average evaluation of the investments is expected. Another considerable activity of the Nemomax fund is investing in the investment securities.

Real estate agency Ráj nemovitostí s.r.o. has 27-years experience on the market. It offers comprehensive services in the field of rental and sale of commercial and residential real estate. The company emphasizes quality of service and holds a real property portfolio, which is handled by our real estate agents perfectly aware of every detail regarding the business.